Kids & Adult Private Tennis Lessons in Portland from A Real Pro!

Private Lessons for beginner and intermediate players are for establishing basic stroke fundamentals in a fun and innovative manner. The player will learn proper grips, footwork, and stroke mechanics. These fundamentals are all part of what will become a solid foundation that will help you obtain success on the court.

Once a solid foundation has been established it is very important to practice your skills. The best ways to practice are either by hitting with others and participating in group lessons where you can begin using the skills you’ve learned. Practicing will show you the weaknesses in your game.

In order to continue to improve your tennis game, is is vital to obtain the right information. Private lessons are an accelerated learning program because the pro is focused entirely on you. You will see immediate results, which can be very motivating.

When giving a private tennis lesson, I focus on teaching at the pace of individual player. I look at the goals of the individual then crate a game plan to achieve those goals. With the proper fundamentals it is entirely up to the player to determine how good they will become. Everyone learns at a different speed, so I pace the information based on your rate-of-absorbtion.

Group lessons are a must after establishing a solid foundation because you can learn from watching and playing with others.

Private tennis lessons for advanced players are geared towards strategy, tactics, stroke tuning, and overall improvement. We not only work on the physical aspect of competing, but also the tennis match play. Ideally, advanced players should be taking a private lesson once a month (at a minimum).

Advanced players are usually on the court 3 to 4 times a week, in a group, with players of similar ability level. I will assist you in becoming the player you want to be.